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Steinbeis GLobal Technology Accelerator

The role of SGTA is to identify promising start-ups and to take them to the next level of pilot projects, commercialization and identifying global markets for them. SGTA shall support them to identify the right technologies and partners and subsequently in evaluation, feasibility and finally in establishing partnerships and setting-up projects. It also taps into the Indian as well as international organisations to raise finance for the companies.


Needs of the Start-up

Startup promoters are quite excited about their ideas and assume that the technology / solution shall sell on its own. They are often not aware of the technology development life-cycle and the ‘labour pains’ of delivering a technology/solution to the market. Many a time, these technology/solutions require fine-tuning and/or upscaling as per market requirements, which can be made available through a number of R&D Institutions and Universities in India or abroad.

Support provided by SGTA

SGTA is connected to more than 10000 Experts and more than 2000 R&D Institutions and Universities in Europe, US, India and Australia which can make technology / expertise available quite easily and at the most competitive terms.

Needs of the Start-up


Startup Promoters do not have any idea on how to make a realistic business plan – which is often based on irrational assumptions.

Support provided by SGTA

Steinbeis Experts have trained thousands of entrepreneurs and industry professionals on how to make and execute realistic business Plans. We support entrepreneurs with strategies for growth and efficiency according to the IMLead® concept.

Needs of the Start-up


Startup promoters do not dovetail a strong marketing strategy in the business plan. As a result, marketing takes a back-seat even if the product / solution may be good.

Support provided by SGTA

SGTA supports into Global production and sales for the startups. This includes International Market Studies, Entry into the new / target markets, Identifying the global target markets and establishing Marketing tie-ups – as required.

Needs of the Start-up


For start-ups money is always in short supply, which results in limitation to deploy the right people, at the right place and at the right time, apart from the required plant, machinery and infrastructure. Also, until they establish a proof-of-concept, they often run the risk of market not accepting their innovations.

Support provided by SGTA

SGTA supports entrepreneurs to establish branch offices in Europe / US / Australia / Singapore and avail of the Government support schemes for scaling up their ventures.

At a later stage, SGTA shall bring domestic and global investors to support the total process from scaling-up up to making them successful in the market.

Needs of the Start-up


Often start-up entrepreneurs take up various roles including marketing. Marketing is a specialized and full-time role and at the initial stages it is very important to network and connect with as many clients as possible. Each order small or big, adds to the credentials of the organization.

Support provided by SGTA

SGTA experts have been connecting with big and small companies for various technology opportunities and have good access across the globe.

With SGTA most of the projects shall get a conduit to connect to some of the best companies in the world including India to take their start-ups to the next level.

Needs of the Start-up


Start-ups have a very small team and are often not able to take care of the management of operations in a professional way – may it be accounts, HR issues, office administration, etc. It is very important for start-ups to manage the operations in a very professional way since the day-1 so that when the operations expand, they are ready for expansion.

Support provided by SGTA

SGTA experts shall support the start-up entrepreneur to have a suitable and optimal strategy in using the right manpower, IT tools and outsourcing of some functions. This would result in optimal management at the lowest possible cost.

SGTA identifies promising startups in technical domains and provides hand-holding support to take them to global markets.

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